New Beginnings Stuff

As of last week learnnewstuff became learnNEWstuff educational consultancy as I moved into a new venture.

So, as part of this a new website has been set up. The blog will continue as we share ideas but all new websites (and the old ones too) have been set up on a webpage and they’re categorised too!

We appreciate your support and as we develop LNS we will continue to support you all.



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New Stuff

Hi to all our users.

Over the next few weeks there will be a change to Learnnewstuff as we look at re-organising things onto a new website.

We’ll let you know the new address when stuff is ready, and much more, as I move into educational consultancy. The weblinks support for schools will remain free, so please continue to support us!


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Tuneful Stuff

It’s been a while but here’s a site that’s so very cool and bags of fun. Our friend Bill reminded us of it today, cheers Mr Lord.

Isle of Tune – just experiment with roads, lights, cars and everything else. Load some of the examples, some of which will make you smile.

Musical, melodic and quite addictive.

Soon available for pods, pads and phones – smashing!

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A book A day Stuff

A nice chap called Bill Lord is so keen to get people to read new books, he’s reviewing a book a day over the next year! Wow!

Take a look: A book A day

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Case Study Stuff

I was very lucky to have presented at the Learning Without Frontiers conference on Sunday, talking about Games Based Learning.

I promised to upload the case study for the main school I worked with last year, so here it is.

Enjoy: Case Study – GBL

At some point we will be moving to a new website so please keep watching. Same stuff, same people!

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National Schools Partnership Stuff

This excellent site is all about free resources. Here’s what they say:

The National Schools Partnership (NSP) develops innovative educational resources for you and your school. All teachers and schools are eligible to register as a School Partner. It is completely free and very simple to join.

The resources are here: National School Partnership Resources.

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Subscribe Stuff

Don’t forget, if you’re a regular user, you can subscribe (free) and get updates on the latest posts as they appear.

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